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New Garage Door Openers

Garage doors are likely to be heavy. Not heavy enough to not be opened by hand, but in some cases, that is the situation. If you have a steel or a heavy wood garage door, you might need the help of an opener. An opener is a motorized system which is used to open up garage doors. They have different sizes, models, functions and brands, but the main function is the same: Help you to open a garage door. They are commonly used with a remote control, but you can use them with a switch if you want to. They are designed to open your garage door as smoothly as possible, without you having to open it by yourself. Here at Garage door Service Puyallup we are able to provide reparation and service to your garage door opener. We are also able to replace and install a new garage door opener if you are in need. Puyallup Garage Door Service has a lot of services, including one which we provide you with information and advices about garage door openers and it qualities.

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New Openers Puyallup


Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

There are different types of garage door openers. They have different functions and can be used depending of which garage door you have. Chain drive garage door openers are well known for being the strongest type of garage door opener. They are able to open the heaviest garage door, and are commonly used in commercial and residential places. Chain drive openers are your best choice for those heavy garage doors. The problem is: They are likely to make sound while they open your garage door.

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Door Opener Repair in Puyallup

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

If you have a domestic garage door that is not that heavy, but you need help to open it, you may need a drive garage door opener. Besides the chain drive opener, a belt drive openers is used in domestic garage doors, since they can open your garage door by a smoothly way, without making loudly sounds. The best choice for you and your house. Don’t disturb your neighborhood while you open your garage door; install one belt drive garage door opener!

Shaft Drive Opener

There are some cases where you have a really small garage, but you still need a garage door opener to open the garage door. Those garage door openers are likely to use way too much space (If you have a small garage door). That’s why Shaft drive garage doors are the best for you. They are used in small garages, and they can be used without requiring a lot of space.

Shaft Drive Opener
Shaft Drive Opener Door Service

We, Puyallup Garage Door , want you to enjoy the best services, not only in installation, reparation and replacement of garage door openers, but also with maintenance and even at providing products and accessories. You deserve the best, and we want you to have the best quality products, and enjoy the best service possible. Our technicians, equipped, trained and experienced to satisfy your requirements, will be able to not only provide you with an installation, maintenance and reparation service, but also provide you with advices and information about garage doors, and openers.

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